#SMEChallenge Is a SME Accelerator Program that helps SMEs, grow their business systematically

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We support our clients succeed, through managing people processes and policies




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We Are Result Focused

We do more than just take action for our clients; we are committed to partnering with them for results. When you choose Qualis, you have a partner dedicated to your continued success.

We Have A Proven Track Record

With over 17 years of experience as an HR and Business Management Consulting Firm in Nigeria, we have provided dependable solutions to some of the most successful corporations in every major sector across Nigeria and beyond. Many of our clients from the very beginning still count on us to this day.

We Manage Complex Projects

No HR or Business Management Consulting Firm is too big or too complex. Whether it is strategy articulation, designing the right structure and organisational shape, filling and developing multiple roles or building policies, processes and procedures. We handle it all from startup to success and everything in between

We Are Business People Serving Businesses

We have the experience and resume of an established business with the orientation, drive and flexibility of a start-up. Our competent, committed and contributing workforce diligently take the initiative to innovate in serving the needs of our clients.

We Have The Best HR and Business Consultants To Meet Your Needs

You can be rest assured that your organisation is in good hands. Qualis Business support Services team has extensive industry experience, exposure to the best in the field and the right education to provide the business solutions you need.

We Take A Holistic Approach

We know that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice, which is why we perform extensive diagnosis on every area of your organisation to truly understand your specific needs.