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The application is FREE and open to only registered business that is 0 – 2 years in Nigeria within the following sector; Agriculture, Service, Education (online). All business idea must be within N500,000 funding or existing business not more than 2 years whose cash flow has been grossly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and will need N500,000.00 as additional cashflow.

All applicants must submit a well thought out business plan of not more than 5 pages via the Qualis Business Support Portal, fill out the forms and attach the 5-page business plan.

Top 10 Business Plans whose ideas meet the first screening following these criteria; Scalability, feasibility, good financial and available market understanding will get 50 point score and will be shortlisted to qualify for the next round that will include making a video Pitch of why your business idea should be supported with the funds, tagging @Okeybakassi,@official_qualis the video with the highest number of likes will earn additional 10 points. The public vote will be open for one week.

The 10 shortlisted will further undergo one-week online intensive business training on Customer Service, Entrepreneurship Management, Sales & Marketing and Account & Record Keeping. Active participation and attendance to this training will further earn the participants 40 points to make it a total of 100 points to qualify for the N500,000.00 funding. All top 10 shortlisted business ideas MUST have a business account with Fidelity Bank before enrolling with the online training. Winner will be announced by the last day of the month.

The SME challenge will run from August 2020 to December 2020, where one winner will emerge every month. Applications will be accepted processed within the first 3 weeks of every month. Any business idea that makes it to the top 10 every month will not be eligible to apply again in any other month. Business ideas not selected who are eligible can reapply in the next month cycle. Business ideas with partnership will be represented by one member of the partnership only. Multiple applications with same business name or same applicant different business name will be disqualified. No applications will be accepted offline.


The Applicant acknowledges that the results and proceeds of the services provided within the purpose of this project, including without limitation to ideas, images, themes, advert campaign materials created from the image of Applicant (still photographs, motion photographs and videos) is owned by Qualis Business Support Services and Okey Bakassi.


The Applicant further grants Qualis Business Support Services, the irrevocable right within the duration of this project to film, videotape, photograph and other wise record the Applicant and to reproduce, modify/edit, publish, distribute, broadcast, exhibit and/or in any other way use the Applicant image, likeness, photographs, name, business names, actual or paraphrased statement, biographical information and/or any other information or materials provided, for the sole purpose of advertising, publicity, promotion, and marketing of the project in all media platforms royalty free and without restriction.


The Applicant hereby irrevocably and unconditionally releases, discharges and agrees to indemnify and hold Qualis Business Support Services Ltd, its parents, subsidiaries, registered trade names, and affiliates, directors, employees, agents, assignees, designees and licensees harmless and free from and against all actions, claims, demands, cause of action, liabilities, damages, judgement, losses, costs, expenses of any kind whatsoever arising at any time out of and/or relating to the Applicants likeness, information provided and/or any breach or alleged breach of contract between the Applicant and any third party.


Any information pertaining to either Party’s business to which the other Party is exposed to in the execution of the project ( #SMEchallenge )shall be considered as “Confidential Information.” Neither Party shall disclose any Confidential Information to any person nor entity, except as required by law, without the express written consent of the affected Party.

Neither Qualis Business Support Services Ltd nor the Applicant shall be held liable for failure or delay in the performance of its obligation during the project (#SMEchallenge), if such performance is delayed or hindered by the occurrence of an unforeseeable act or event which is beyond the control of either party (“Force Majeure Event”).

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